About Gazelle

Vivid texts and wild nature led me on the track…

With a Masters of Science, Communication of Scientific Knowledge I combined my fascination for written communication and natural science.

During years of adventures and joy with text work, I am trained in different text branches. The writing is often centered on articles, websites, leaflets, exhibition material, newsletters and reports. In project work, I am pleased to plan, perform and conduct – independently or with others.

My fictional writing grew during my Minor in creative writing. I also learnt effective use of narratology, rhetoric, linguistics, aesthetic and studied the history of writing and media.

To develop skills in nature writing, I completed a course in ecolinguistics via The University of Gloucestershire. Feeling close to nature, the life opening power of literature, and the bliss of getting together with others to share stories, made me develop the workshop ‘Your World in Words’ – with focus on expressing yourself on paper, shared reading and getting closer to nature.