Gazelle has been working with The Surefoot Effect CIC since spring 2018 and we hope she continues to support the work we do for many years to come.  As well as creating our newsletter, Gazelle also supports other projects including two European projects addressing climate change.  Her gentle approach to encouraging the rest of us to make timely and accurate contributions is much appreciated!  

Pamela Candea, Managing Director
The Surefoot Effect CIC

Gazelle is one of the most professional editors for the Danish Market we’ve been working with. She always delivers the best quality, always on time and she is flexible with the crazy deadlines of our market, always trying to help us as much as she can. It’s a pleasure working with her.

More Than Writers

Gazelle has been associated with our office at the yoga school for several years. Gazelle is good at solving tasks both in terms of starting up, giving content and completing. She is punctual, loyal and has good energy that positively transmit to her surroundings. She is effective in both self-employment and group work. Gazelle is very articulate and she has a good eye for layout.

Franz Jervidalo, Head of Centre
Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School

Gazelle wrote a very well researched article titled ”Body Read”, which was published in the New Zealand hunting magazine Rod&Rifle. Techniques on how to body read the age of red deer while both alive and dead were explained. The article generated a lot of interest amongst our readers and was well received.

Simon Gibson, editor

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